It's because Communism and Socialism deify the STATE. The State is imbued with supreme power and an agenda, and with no fear of a higher power(and I'm not religious, mind you, but appreciate the benefit of a people having a moral code), no obstacles in the way of achieving that agenda. » 11/09/13 6:39am 11/09/13 6:39am

Precisely. The vast majority of military veterans(myself included) never saw combat. Someone who worked in a non-combat capacity is no different than someone who had any other job, and that doesn't mean they get to blame their service for their failures in life. » 11/08/13 5:48am 11/08/13 5:48am

So you have a black woman banging on someone's door IN DETROIT at 3AM. I'm quite certain she wasn't calmly knocking on the door or ringing the bell and waiting. No, I'm sure she was beating the shit out of the door and yelling and screaming. Black women aren't known for their calm resolve under stress. » 11/07/13 5:48pm 11/07/13 5:48pm